Happy Thoughts

Started on Dec. 4th 2018
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Sunshine and pretty people.


Wallowing in sadness is for losers. It isn't poetry.

Hello everyone who cares to check this site~ I've been pretty busy lately, and if you want to know more check out the most recent

news post (down below, btw). I hope you've had a Merry Christmas/Whatever You Believe, and a great New Year! I haven't updated

this message since I made this site and since it's after Christmas, and I realized how I want to present this place, I thought I'd change it. If you want to hear

more frequently from me, I'd suggest taking a trip over to Purgatory.

Be warned though, it's not for those who want to feel very positive or happy. Also: I might change this site altogether to fit what I want more,

but I also want to preserve it in a way since it was my first shot at html. I might get premium I guess? To make another site? We'll see.

I hope you're feeling good today!! Remember you can talk about whatever you like, as long as it is not harming others.




  Not Dead - Jan 1st 2019 9:26pm

  Hey!! Look who's back at it again

  after... what? A month? Jeeeeez.

  There's been a lot happening with

  family, and Christmas, and travel

  (especially travel) and so I haven't

  had internet connection for a long

  while. But that only excuses the last

  3 weeks. The rest of the time I was

  busy cramming in lessons and stuff

  for the end of the semester...

  Which has been quite not-great.

  But I hope you're all feeling good!

  I'm not dead, and I'm gonna figure

  out wth to do with the "Live" tab :)



  Mac Broke - Dec 15th 2018 7:32pm

  I am incredibly sorry for not

  updating anything for such a

  long time!!! But I'm back and I'm

  here. My computer has been broken

  for a very, very long time.

  I fixed it just about 30

  minutes ago and had to reinstall

  all my stuff first, but I came

  straight here to tell all 2

  visitors I get :)

  Have an excellent weekend!!!



  Cooldown - Dec 7th 2018 8:46pm

  I might be taking a bit longer to

  update this place, mainly

  because I'm finding less and less

  time :( but that's alright! I'll

  still make little edits over time

  as well as some larger ones.

  I'm still thinking about what I

  want to include on this site??

  So I'll be adding and removing

  random junk constantly while I

  work out all of the stuff.



  The Start - Dec 5th 2018 1:57pm

  I've just found neocities

  yesterday, and have

  worked quite a bit on this site

  already. If you are here in

  search of assistance and find that

  there is no place to vent, look

  no further than the 'Be Happy'