Dec 15th, 7:13 pm

Absolute fucking shitshow today. Heavy stuff warning.

My Mac's been absolutely broken for a while, which is why I've been gone so long. Reinstalled OS X, almost broke the entire computer, and was panicking so much. It was fucking horrible. Today has been so, so horrible. I can barely say anything good about today.

My brother made me cry. Currently he's teaching me German and he doesn't understand that I've literally never had to study for a test in my life (which is why I'm homeschooled, because school was too easy) and I need him to teach me how to study for something but he won't listen and so idk what to do. My mother is too busy to help, father is divorced and is away. My other sibling isn't around often enough to help.

I have no one to vent to. Just this useless website, really. And I doubt anyone actually checks purgatory. I'm incredibly sad and honestly I wish I had a significant other I could just hug and cry to. I haven't met a new person my age in literal months. I don't really like any of my 'friends' very much. Thank god highschool is soon so I'll meet new people. But it isn't very soon at all, either.

I've had migraines the past two days and holy shittttttttttt. I get them quite a lot (all my fault, really. I need to drink a LOT more) and jesus I hate them. My migraines always end weirdly. If you know the feeling right before you throw up, like directly before, then you'll understand. That feeling happens over and over and eventually it passes and then the migraine is gone. These two migraines have been particularly horrible, and the ending stage lasts a lot longer than usual.

Really Really Heavy Stuff:

I'm just so fucking alone. I have literally no one I can talk to, I barely have a single friend. Certainly not one close enough to really talk to. THANKFULLY during this horrible horrible week I didn't really have any work to do since it's so near to Christmas.