Dec 10th, 10:54 pm

Today I think of Gary Gilmore.

The man who was executed on December 17th, 1977 for murder. Execution was not allowed for ten years, but they made an exception for this man.

Dan Wiedan had heard about this man, and about this man's last words: "Let's Do It".

Wiedan decided that those words would make quite a great slogan, and so he used them. Changing them slightly. To "Just Do It", the slogan of Nike, best known for footwear and other sports gear.

Today many people remember Nike, and their slogan, and not many people remember Gary Gilmore. And nobody who hears "Just Do It" would ever think of something so odd, kind of creepy, and saddening as this.

While I have no sympathy for Gary Gilmore, I do have sympathy for forgotten people. And I do really hope I am not one of those.

But I wish I could be content being one.