Dec 10th, 9:58 am

What the hell is my site anymore.

I think it's pretty finished? I do have to figure out what the 'live' tab will link to. I want a personal blog but I don't feel like paying money for another site, mainly because I'm saving it for better drawing equipment, so it'll probably be in live.

For now at least.

Also for my 404 page I tried to put some ASCII shit I made in there but obviously it didn't format well, and I don't have the slightest clue as to how to make it work. If anyone can tell me feel free to leave a comment (click the Be Happy button, not found in purgatory).

My bird drawings are on halt while my schedule kicks up again for the week. I have lots of math to do today, no time for drawing until night.

So far, I really like purgatory, as it's nice to be able to talk about whatever I want, but I don't want it to take away from the surface site. They serve very different purposes though, so I guess it's alright. When I made purgatory I just thought it was funny, and I hadn't planned for it to say anything other than PURGATORY, Everybody Dies. But now it's this.

My favorite aesthetic I've ever had is black, and I actually really hate yellow, so I enjoy looking at purgatory more.

Anyway this is long, have a good day and goodbye.